We’re inviting students, trainees and SASG doctors to submit a poster presentation for digital display at this year’s conference.

This is your chance to pitch a design for an innovative game, app or device that solves a problem, and improves patient care in mental health services.

It’s the idea that’s important. The poster should clearly communicate the idea and what is novel about it, but doesn’t need to include a detailed technical description of the app or device.

Suggested submission topics:

  • The Internet of Things

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Use of Big Data

  • Video games

  • Virtual Reality

  • Digital Communication

  • Visual representation of data

  • Social Media   

  • Screen time      


The competition panel:

The panel will be led by ELFT Research & Innovation team and will include experienced app developers with an eye for imaginative and thoughtful design ideas.

Competition Prize:

The most compelling poster submission will be awarded the ‘PsychTech Digital Innovation Prize’ and win a workshop session to develop the winner’s idea to support them in taking the proposal forward for development. Five further submissions will received a ‘Selected Innovation’ award certificate.

Requirements for poster submission:

Poster must include the name of innovation as the poster title and the author’s name.

Viewers should be able to read your poster in only a couple of minutes. Pictures and diagrams are a great way to convey your idea in a quick and engaging way.

Suggested structure for poster:

  1. Describe the current patient (or clinician) situation as it is now. Say why this situation needs to be improved.

  2. Describe the game / app / device which could help to address this situation.

  3. Describe the resulting situation and process that you envisage if your innovation were in practice.


How to submit your poster:

Submissions are open now.

Posters should be formatted for display in landscape orientation in 16:9 aspect ratio.

The poster file format should be PDF or PNG, at a minimum resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Email your submission to

Submission deadline is midnight on Friday 8th November 2019.

Awards will be announced at the conference. 

Please use the above email address for any queries about the competition.